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A living room is the face of the whole apartment. The interior of a living room is important to be unobtrusive, comfortable and functional. The first thing guests look at in a flat is the living room. The contemporary interior design offers numerous different options for designing this room, yet there are also timeless interiors. These interiors are timelessly trendy, look luxurious and make the best impression. A walnut living room is an excellent variant for designing a room, which accentuates the luxury and the perfect sense of style the apartment owners have.

1. Light walnut walls are perfectly combined with the dark shades of brown. The leather sofa is the luxury element here. The table with lots of boxes in the middle does not only have a stunning appearance but is also multi-functional.


2. by DELIGHTFULL UNIQUE LAMPS (London, United Kingdom).
2. by DELIGHTFULL UNIQUE LAMPS (London, United Kingdom). The chest in modern style is the interior zest. You can see through circles in some parts of the chest as an interesting design element. The color of the chest is sustained within the walnut scale, closer to the light ocher.
3. The coffee table, which combines the function of a table and a chest of drawers is a fantastic designer solution for contemporary apartments. The table is a compact one while the hidden things do not spoil the look of the room. The color choice – noble walnut.

Smithfield Residence

4. by Kingston Lafferty Design (Dublin, Ireland).
4. by Kingston Lafferty Design (Dublin, Ireland). The light shades of wood create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The white sofa effectively stands out against the dark brown drapes. The location of the sofa is well-chosen – the daylight falls on its back, the artificial light – on its left side. There are lower cabinets situated near it, which store the necessary things.
5. Kingston-Lafferty-Design
5. Observing the material of the furniture closer, we can see the wood of very light and quite dark shades. A such like combination creates a unique design and unrepeatable natural pattern on the furniture.

Walnut Living Room

6. by Michal Dudek (East Grinstead, United Kingdom).
6. by Michal Dudek (East Grinstead, United Kingdom)/The dark wood wall combined with a snow-white sofa create an effective and luxurious room interior. The sofa-transformer can be adjusted as needed transforming into several armchairs or a single large bed.
7. Michal-Dudek
7. The multi-functional black-colored wall will become a perfect addition to the interior of a living room. Plentiful shelves and compartments allow to store a large number of things in a single place, whilst the versatile color perfectly suits the white sofa creating a bright contrast.
8. Michal-Dudek
8. The sofa is made of wear-resistant material, it is very easy to clean from dust or spills.
9. Michal-Dudek
9. Two tables, a higher and a lower, will make the rest in the living room comfortable. The smallish table is intended for drinks, and it is convenient to place a vase with fruit or biscuits on the bigger table. The tables are made of white marble and wonderfully complement the whole interior.
10. NewEra-Walnut-Group
10. Classic leather sofas and an oval coffee table – an interior, which justified itself over many years. The carpet with geometric patterns brings a spice to the strict classics.
11. Leather sofas, a rectangular coffee table, and light walls – all this creates a luxury interior of a living space. It is comfortable to relax on these sofas, they are also wear-resistant and accidentally spills won’t spoil them. There are small side tables near the sofas you can place cups, a book or other things on.

Family room with reclaimed woods

12. by Sally Williams (Raleigh, NC, USA).
12. by Sally Williams (Raleigh, NC, USA). The combination of country style and leather furniture – an interesting design idea. The table in the middle – a real boom in the furniture for a living space. It is made of wood and complemented with a circular leather element. The table is multi-functional, there are drawers for newspaper and magazines in the bottom.
13. The living room is done in warm shades of light brown. The attention is focused on the dark walnut table in the center half made of glass. The pillows and paintings add a country element.
14. A stunningly rich combination of white and dark walnut. The whole furniture is made in two colors. The sofa is a leather one with soft elements from natural materials on top, which can be removed when desired. The white color of the tables and chairs create a unique design in the room.
15. The coffee table from dark walnut with impressive thick legs will adorn any living space. There is a shelf below for storing magazines. A such like table is stable even on slippery surfaces.
16. The walnut furniture is perfectly combined with the wall finished under the imitation of brick.
17. Functionality is an important point in the room decoration. The spacious chest of drawers with three big compartments allows to store all things in a single place, whilst the tall cabinet with open shelves will become a real decoration for the room if you place interesting decor elements on the shelves.
18. The sofas made of soft material bring comfort to the room. The table with exquisite legs with a glass tabletop emphasizes the lightness and creativity of the design.
19. Luxury can be felt in every element of this room. The leather upholstery of the sofas, decorated with carved wooden arms and legs create a unique design in the drawing room. The pillows with fringe add a rich look, too. The entire living room is made in walnut shades starting with light ocher and ending with dark walnut.
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