Two Different Urban Lofts Visualized

Creating fascinating urban lofts interiors has become the main job of most modern home designers. With mechanical ductwork overhead and exposed flooring, urban lofts look really stunning! Comfortable, practical, imposing and modern. With contemporary furniture, minimal window treatments, multi-level rooms, bare floors and modern pieces of art, industrial interiors appear to be fantastic!

#1 by Denis Krasikov
#1 by Denis Krasikov. Furnished simply, this urban loft interior is accentuated with a light turquoise rug and a faux deer head hanging on the wall.
#2 Two yellow chairs can break the simple and minimalistic look of this urban loft. They bring some brightness to space around.
#3 A separation wall is a grandiose way of bringing some distinction between a living space and a dining area.
#4 Create a multi-level space to add some urban feel to your home. The cozy bedroom area situated on the second level in this urban loft looks so comfortable.
#5 The industrial decor of this loft fascinates. The modern piece of art hanging on the wall is delicately opposed to the lovely vase of flowers placed on the table.
#6 Urban lofts feature simple window treatments. This loft is situated high looking fabulous and at the same time practical with thoroughly no window treatment.
#7 Who says that urban lofts have no decor elements? Look how stunning the souvenirs and vases look placed on the living room chest.
#9 The multi levels of urban lofts must be joined with stylish stairways. Look how harmoniously the stairs of this loft are chosen. They go perfectly with the furniture around.
#10 Books have long been used as decor elements. They look especially amazing in industrial interiors.
#11 To bring some individuality and character to an urban loft, interior designers advise applying writings on a wall or placing a restaurant chalkboard under a wall.
#12 by Kraftek Studio
#12 by Kraftek Studio. Urban lofts can be as simple and practical, so luxury and impressive. Elegance goes side by side with the industrial look in this loft interior.
#13 Golden chandeliers and wall lamps are the focal points here drawing all attention to them and emphasizing how large the apartment is.
Kraftek Studio Parisian Loft 3
#14 A golden framed mirror can bring some grace to a colorless industrial loft. Here it makes a statement within white walls and dark flooring.
#15 The whole space of this luxury urban loft is furnished with comfortable and stylish seating pieces. The room simply radiates comfort and warmth.
#16 Juxtaposing wood, marble, metal, and leather successfully and impressively, a home interior designer is sure to create a fabulous dining set just as the one placed in this urban loft.

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