Scandinavian Design Living Room: Inspirational Practicality And Convenience

A Scandinavian design living room is one-of-a-kind with its simplicity and understated beauty. Actually, it is not so difficult to achieve a perfect interior in Scandinavian style. The clue here is to be able to abandon the clutter most homes are filled with. Once you get an eye for practicality and accept that quality precedes quantity in living room decoration, you will easily create a fantastically comfortable and pleasing to the eye living room interior. In a Scandinavian interior, you can easily observe frugality intertwining with minimalism and sophistication!

#1 by aTng (Chengdu, China).
#1 by aTng (Chengdu, China).
White and gray are the primary Nordic colors. Particularly this combination is the predominant one in Scandinavian style living rooms. aTng fulfilled this living space in strictly Nordic elements, yet managing to present it utmost inviting and warm-looking.
2. The gray sofa and modern armchair
2. The gray sofa and modern armchair simply call to sit back and relax surrounded by a fresh and inspiring atmosphere. The large windows allow enough daylight pass into the room and bring that very lightness Scandinavian style is so popular for.
#3 by Pikcells Ltd (Huddersfield, United Kingdom).
#3 by Pikcells Ltd (Huddersfield, United Kingdom).
Surely white is the predominant color in Scandinavian style, yet interior design studio Pikcells Ltd incorporated wooden floors artfully. Despite the diversity of little decor items spread all around the space, the room looks decent.
4. With simplicity in forms and lines in mind, Scandinavian style furniture appears neutral and clean! It creates much open space whilst preserving the feel of comfort in the room just as in this case. The simple storage bench with backrest, the wooden table, and the clear armchair create a Nordic feel around. The furry white cushion only contributes to this feel.
5. White is the primary color in Scandinavian interiors.
5. White is the primary color in Scandinavian interiors. It is mandatory to use this color for the background. In recent years, however, other colors have started to be incorporated. See the intricate red carpet or the yellow cushion on the sofa.
6. Scandinavian style patterns can't be mixed
6. Scandinavian style patterns can’t be mixed with any other style. These can be distinguished as excellently proportional and simple designs. The sofa upholstery and pillows – great example!
7. This living room interior is in the middle between Scandinavian and modern styles
7. This living room interior is in the middle between Scandinavian and modern styles. It has inherited the simplicity and clearness of the Scandinavian style combined with the warmth and uniqueness of modern style.
8. Everything in the living room implies comfortability and practicality. The simple floor lamp, the books cluttered on the floor both for style and usage, as well as the simple white cocktail table contribute to creating an utmost comfortable atmosphere.
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