Exquisite And Vibrant Red And White Living Rooms

What can make a living room so stunningly attractive as that implemented in red and white colors? Red and white living rooms simply cannot look foreign or uninviting. Modern, elegant, Art Deco and many other styles can be realized in this wonderful color combination. As a rule, the red color is applied on sofas, paintings or interior decoration elements while the white color is applied via the background (walls, floors, ceilings).

West Village Residence

#1 by Amanda-Zaitchik (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
Amanda-Zaitchik (Brooklyn, NY, USA) created a fascinating living room in red and white colors in West Village Residence. Using the ample space and the immense windows from floors to ceilings as an advantage, the designer accentuated the living room with a bright red sofa in an intricate shape.
The whole interior of the living room is fulfilled in white which makes the sofa even more vivid.
# by Benjamin Springer (Stuttgart, Germany)
An elegant living room realized in mainly white color by Benjamin Springer (Stuttgart, Germany). The amazing picture of red poppies is matched with the vase of real red poppies on the glass cocktail table.


#4 by Nika Vorotyntseva
Another bright example of how spacious a white living room looks! Nika Vorotyntseva determined upon an elaborate red sofa set to use as the focal point in the interior.
The wonderful splashy rug laid in front of the sofa is matched with the Art Deco painting on the opposite wall.

Red black and white living room

#7 by nirab tuladhar (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Nirab Tuladhar (Kathmandu, Nepal) created a fabulous living room suitable especially for a young woman in white, black, and red colors. Lovely pink pillows add a special touch to space, too.
Strictly styled yet brightly furnished. This appealing contemporary living room that features clean and sleek lines looks amazing with bright red sofas upon bright white interior.

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