Peculiarities of modern style in living room interiors

How does a modern living room look? The main idea of modern style is to free the space from furniture clutter whilst filling the interior with light, space and functionality.

Details in interior play merely on contrasts, yet, despite this, the area does not lose its uniqueness and charm, while many projects can definitely be called brave.

Quite often these are luxurious expensive interiors, chic and gleam which don’t hurt the eye.

A living room in modern style is the space of a modern man with taste who appreciates his time and spends it with comfort.

Simple Modern Living Room

# 1 by Ibrahem Magdy.
# 1 by Ibrahem Magdy (Cairo, Egypt).
A modern man is always in motion and his house is to adjust to his rhythm. Even if it is a studio apartment. The modern style is able to create a comfortable and functional space even out of a small room.
2. The courage of decisions – the second sign of modern style. The path of stones seems to dilute the boring white spots. Above it, a functional shelving unit with illumination hangs. And can you imagine how all this looks in the evening?
3. “Delicious” bright pictures on plain white walls give the interior a special charm.
4. A special rhythm of vertical lines can be clearly observed in this project. It brings individuality and uniqueness to the whole space.

Modern Apartment in Gozo

5 by Julian-Mallia (Birkirkara, Malta).
5 by Julian-Mallia (Birkirkara, Malta).
Interior in a modern style perfectly fits into the entourage of sunny countries.
#6 by UP creations (Shah Alam, Malaysia).
#6 by UP creations (Shah Alam, Malaysia).
The combination of black and white – it’s a classic. Glossy surfaces along with the functionality of the spaces – it is the modern. All together is a successfully arranged space of a living room.
7. The living room and dining room are the space where the whole gathers to socialize and relax. Why not combine them? A homelike and comfy atmosphere will prevail in such a space.

Modern living-room (september 2013)

9. Perhaps it is not enough to choose a color combination. The designer used a special method when applying the color on the walls emphasizing the vertical lines. This brings uniqueness to the interior and makes the room visually larger.

Interior concept with gold and grey in tiny space

11 by Kraftek Studio.
11 by Kraftek Studio. A small space and dark walls? It is possible! In this project all that is organically diluted with bright details. Golden chandeliers and bright paintings on the walls make the gloomy colors sparkle with new shades.

Grosvenor Road

12 by Tiago Noiva Mendes.
12 by Tiago Noiva Mendes.
There are no rich colors in the living room and the furniture is of the plainest forms. What is important in this interior is the large space brought together due to the material textures and the “transparency” of the details.

Tour Eiffel

#13 by Mathieu Fiol.
#13 by Mathieu Fiol.
Oh, Paris, it’s impossible not to fall in love! Just as with the interior successfully arranged in a small space. Bright, interesting combinations of materials make it clear it is not just a room, but a work of art!
14. Sound partitions – past century! A wall in an interior via a shelf for books is still a fresher and more actual solution, which will not only delimit the space but will also dilute the interior.
15. The interior is fulfilled in fairly dark tones. But combined with natural materials, nature elements in the literal sense of the word, the living room becomes homelike and warm.
16. Natural details are not all, yet! Natural elements in an interior is always a sensation. In such an interior you always feel warm and comfortable.
17. The shelving case becomes a transparent partition due to the items on it as well. Combinations of different materials such as wood, metal, glass, paper arise genuine interest.

Leroy Street Residence

18 by Specht Architects.
18 by Specht Architects.
18. A light living room with tall windows is pleasant to the eye and you always want to be in such an area. Bright decor accents give the design a special chic.

Birchgrove House

19 by TFAD Pty Ltd.
19 by TFAD Pty Ltd.
Wooden floor – is a choice for modern style. Simple light furniture is chosen to contrast it. Unobtrusive and with taste.

Paddington House II

20. This living room is filled with the atmosphere of the oasis. Wood and natural fabrics only reinforce that feeling. And the unimaginable gold decorations on the walls give the interior a modern twist.

Midcentury Modern Home by Jacki Mallick Designs

21 by Home Adore. And again, black-and-white classic! Wooden furniture in the living room does not diminish the modernity of the interior but makes it even more stylish and thoughtful.
22. The simplicity of the finishing in this interior is complemented with bright and explosive spots on the decor elements. The predominance of glass in the living room fills the space with freshness and air.
23. the building architecture in the constructionism style is actual today, too, after over half a century.


24 by Bertrand Benoit (Berlin, Germany). When household items become the main decor elements - it is charming. Here it is expressed through chaotically spread out books on the shelves. They also form the bright spot of the space.
24 by Bertrand Benoit (Berlin, Germany). When household items become the main decor elements – it is charming. Here it is expressed through chaotically spread out books on the shelves. They also form the bright spot of the space.
25. The appearance of “forgotten” furniture items such as a rocking chair in the modern interior – is a big contrast, that brings a feel of home comfort.
26. Everything is thought out and functional in this interior. There are no partitions here, every zone has its own color spot. However, all together look very organic.
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