Luxury living rooms: from the subjective look on the luxe segment to real interiors

The concept “luxury” is subjective. Everyone decides for himself what a luxury interior is. For someone, a luxurious living room must be decorated in classic style with marble columns, artistic parquet floors, gilded molding. For someone else, a luxurious living room is, first of all, a great view from the window in a prestigious district. Still, others believe that cult furniture by renown designers will add luxury to the living room. All opinions are good. Let’s have a look at some examples of how luxury living rooms can look.

Courtyard Residence

#1 Aidlin Darling Design
#1 Aidlin Darling Design (San Francisco, CA, USA) .
The designers of the “Aidlin Darling Design” studio understand free space for the man and those things that are interesting and valuable for him under the name ‘luxury”. To live under the motto “Nothing in excess!” – a luxurious lifestyle.

Virtual architecture: there is no framework for luxury

#2 Bertrand Benoit
#2 Bertrand Benoit.
Bertrand Benoit is one of the world’s best visualizers. His virtual still lifes or interiors – a role model and a level you want to strive for. Virtual space – a perfect place for creating luxurious interiors for living rooms.
#3 The whole luxury of gray color.
#3 The whole luxury of gray color.
4. Author Denis Fomin
#4. Author Denis Fomin (St. Petersburg, Russia).
Poverty prefers bright, flashy colors. Wealth chooses noble colors and deep shades. Gray is one of them: a measure of a chic interior.
#5. The charcoal gray color
#5. The charcoal gray color of the walls accentuates the aristocratic of a living room. A luxury living room in shades of a faded rose.
№6 Eduard Caliman
№6 Eduard Caliman (Leeds, United Kingdom).
Due to the color palette, the interior of the living room creates a sense of fleeting, precarious beauty. The delicate pink color in the shade of “faded rose” and scattered sunlight – graceful lightness.

№7 Eduard Caliman

#8 Lamps allow creating different lighting scenarios
#8 Lamps allow creating different lighting scenarios, changing the interior of the living room.
Lenzerheide Luxury by Home Adore (New York, USA)
#9 Lenzerheide Luxury by Home Adore (New York, USA).

An international project in suburban birch forest

10. Home Adore
#10 A living room interior design by Home Adore (New York, USA).
The complicated living room space is formed by the second light and panoramic windows that unite the territory of the house and the terrace. This impression is emphasized by a single finish of the facade and the wall above the fireplace.
#11 The facade decor with larch planks
#11 The facade decor with larch planks – a stylish modern solution based on the traditions of wood veneer.

Dining and living room in a luxurious interior in Al Khalid

#12 Ibrahem Magdy
#12 Ibrahem Magdy (Cairo, Egypt) .
Cairo designer Ibrahem Magdy created quite a European living room interior in Al-Khalid (Kuwait). A partition in Mashraba style between the living room and dining room brings some Arab feel to the interior.
#13 Julian Mallia
#13 Julian Mallia

Contemporary spirit in a traditional Irish living room

#14 Kingston Lafferty Design
#14 Kingston Lafferty Design (Dublin, Ireland).
The organic intertwining of the traditional and the contemporary in a living room of an Irish house in Wicklow: raw stone, wooden paneling, and contemporary furniture.

Classic luxury: three French interiors

15. Apartment Suite by Mathieu Fiol
#15 Apartment Suite by Mathieu Fiol (Paris, France).
The classic entourage in the Empire style of the living room became an excellent backdrop for a stylish contemporary living room.
#16 The living room on the photo – a great example that the classic is eternal. The Baroque mirror over the fireplace does no way conflict with the white computer table – system unit by Macintosh.
17. by Mathieu Fiol
#17 “Champs Elysee” by Mathieu Fiol.
Champs Elysee – one of Europe’s most expensive streets. To live on the Champs Elysee is itself a luxury. Therefore, a such like residence must have a worthy cover.
#18 by Mathieu Fiol
18. This is the particular luxurious cover of the apartment interior demonstrated on the photos by Parisian photographer Mathieu Fiol.
19. "Saint Germain des Prés"
19. “Saint Germain des Prés” by Mathieu Fiol.
The neighborhood of Church Saint Germain des Prés is one of the oldest in Paris. The living room on the photo continues the series of photos of luxurious Parisian apartments by the photographer Mathieu Fiol.
20. A luxury ceiling with a round canopy framed by moldings – one of the main decorations of the living room.
21. Except the marble fireplace with a cast iron frame, the gilded mirror frames, the rich eaves – all these details make up a magnificent living room classic ensemble.

Luxe Interior in Istanbul

22. By Quark Studio
22. By Quark Studio (Milan, Italy) .
The interior of a living room created by Milanese designers “Quark Studio” for the apartment in Istanbul is filled with an atmosphere of serenity and confidence.

“Living rooms in my project” – three modern living room interiors by Vietnamese designer Tai-Mai-Thanh

23. By TAI-MAI-THANH (Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam)
23. By TAI-MAI-THANH (Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam).
The brown color has a calming effect and inspires confidence. We can draw a parallel between the words “brown” and “comfort”.
24. The shades of brown – from the chocolate shade to light caramel successfully match with creamy-white.
25. Wood trimming is good not only via floor covering but also via wall and ceiling covering. The living room in the photo is a good example of it.
26. The contemporary style is one of most popular trends in interior design. The main tendency of the style is the comfortable interior for life.
27. Modern luxury is the simplicity and comfort. This tendency got a maximum expression in the interior of this living room.
28. Beige color with all its shades is one of the most comfortable color combinations.
28. Beige color with all its shades is one of the most comfortable color combinations.

A living room in a penthouse on the Upper West Side

29. By Turett Collaborative Architects (New York, USA)
29. By Turett Collaborative Architects (New York, USA).
The penthouse in its own structure is a luxury elite housing. The unique villa in a dense urban area. A luxurious view from the skyscraper is a worthy spectacle, hence the living room furnishing may be simply comfortable.

Luxury apartments in Mumbai

30. By ZZ Architects (Mumbai, India)
30. By ZZ Architects (Mumbai, India).
This house is situated in one of the most prestigious locations in Mumbai – the most densely populated city in India. The composition of the upholstered furniture in different shapes and colors on the background of the spacious room in white is the decoration of this living room.
#31 The apartment on Juhu beach in Mumbai has a total area of 232 m² – a wonderful example of a minimalist style.

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