London Loft: a Glance from the Old World

The already traditional loft style originated and became popular in America in the middle of the past century. The old industrial premises in the central parts of cities first became shelters for marginal personalities and not rich artists after they were left by the factory owners, and then expensive and stylish apartments for the elite society.

Today, you can meet lofts not only in Chicago: there are appreciators of brutal aesthetics in many countries. Let us consider some examples of European interpretation of lofts: works of designers from different European countries.

Analog Folk London

#1 by Deniz ATLI (Ankara, Turkey).
#1 by Deniz ATLI (Ankara, Turkey).
The project of the Turkish designer – a classic loft: the former industrial purpose room that now has become a stylish housing, can be traced in any detail of the interior. In the rack of scaffolding, in uncovered elements of the structure’s fastening.
2 Loft is the perfect habitat for steampunk lovers, creative natures and those, whole notice the beauty of things and materials initially created not for decoration.

Loft in London

#3 by JOSE LUIS MORLA CA (Pontevedra, Spain)
#3 by JOSE LUIS MORLA CA (Pontevedra, Spain).
The loft by Spanish designer Jose Morla – like a secret agent of her Majesty: brutal, but damn elegant.
4. The photos are identical, only without the lamps by designer Tom Dixon over the kitchen worktop.

CGI_London Loft by ISV Architects

#5 The principal architect is ISV Architectsby. Kostas Geranios (Athens, Greece)
#5 The principal architect is ISV Architects. Kostas Geranios (Athens, Greece) was responsible for the 3d visualisations and part of the interior design.
The interior of the living space by designer Kostas Geranios slightly resembles a traditional loft. The coffee table from wooden transport pallets is probably the only replica of the gruff design style.

London Loft

“Revitalization of a loft in one of London tenement houses, made by PressEnter Design. The goal of this project was to make a modern interior, but at the same time keep it warm and cozy. As we can see on the visualizations below, that were also made by PressEnter Design, we achieved this by finishing the interior with warm wood. The exception is the bathroom, finished in architectural concrete.”

#6 by Szymon Migaj (London, United Kingdom).
#6 by Szymon Migaj (London, United Kingdom).
The project by the British designer combines modern interior and traditional building material – wood.
7. The warmth of the wood in wall decorations is harmoniously combined with the coldness of metal dining table and chairs.
8. The surface of the concrete is amazingly beautiful. It’s a pity it’s not often noticed.
9. If you are planning a repair, do not rush to choose finishing materials in the department of wallpapers and laminate: take a closer look – perhaps the new style of your housing hides behind the red brick exposed from behind the layer of old plaster and paint?
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