Awesome Living Rooms With TV Emphasis

TVs, beyond any doubts, create attractive and at the same time practical living room interiors. Aside from entertaining homeowners, TVs make a deep statement of comfort in any space around irrespective of the style set. Whether you gave your preference to a traditional and luxury, or an industrial and contemporary home interior, you will definitely be offered a grandiose way of enriching it with a large LCD TV. Some great living rooms feature TVs proudly showcased or installed over fireplaces, whilst others are placed in TV armoires or covered with paintings when not in use. Here are several amazing designs of living rooms with TVs to admire.

#1 by Marco Podrini. This fabulous living room has a minimalistic design with the central TV wall unit as the focal point of the whole room.
#2. This versatile wall-mount TV console hides TV in a stylish way once it is not used. The white panels perfectly accentuate the dark chocolate finish of the unit.
#3. Installing low voltage LED lights above TV, you will have a romantic atmosphere in the room in the evening.
#4. With a custom made wall unit, this modern living room acquired a stunning design. Meanwhile, the yellow walls stand for the warm appeal.
#5. A charcoal gray contemporary TV stand paired with white wall-mount bookcases above make a contemporary ambiance in the room.
#6. Bookshelves and wall units placed in living spaces can serve not only for setting a unique style around but also storing various stuff. Look how amazing different trinkets look in this photo.

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