Living Rooms In Minimalism Style: Cozy Sophistication

A living room in the minimalist style is the hit of the contemporary design. Lots of space and a sophisticated style – what you need for a unique style of a room. You will like to return to such a room and spend here some more time. The room decorated in a minimalist style is sure to emphasize the character of the homeowners and will be completely unique.

#1 by Angelina Alekseeva
#1 by Angelina Alekseeva.
The classic combination of black and white is diluted with wooden floor and accessories. The convertible sofa turns into a spacious bed not taking much room.
#2 by Gavin Lim
#2 by Gavin Lim.
The room is made in light ocher color. The highlight of the interior- the accessory in the form of a schematic tree on the dresser.
#3 by Gavin Lim
#3 The spacious balcony provides daylight for the room. The armrests can be removed from the sofa or swapped creating comfort to your own taste.
#4 Hey!Cheese.
#4 Hey!Cheese.
An interesting solution – black drapes and window frames. They complete the composition. All the necessary things are gathered in one place – on the shelves built into the wall.
#5 Hey!Cheese.
#5 The sofa and the dining table are placed in front of the windows so they are always lit with daylight.
#6 Hey!Cheese.
#6 This soft couch is comfortable as both a sofa and as a place for relaxing. There are two smallish tables near it where you can place magazines or a cup of coffee.
#7 by i29 interior architects.
#7 by i29 interior architects.
The bright black band is the highlight of the interior. The white room creates a feeling of spaciousness and air.
#8 by i29 interior architects.
#8 Monochrome walls, ceiling, and floor, as well as a piece of furniture in a bright color – the basis of minimalism.
#9 The chairs in quaint shape bring a modern element to the style of the room.
#10 by INT2 architecture.
#10 by INT2 architecture.
The nice light colors of the room create comfort and space. The sliding shelf enables using the space to the maximum.
#11 by INT2 architecture.
#11 by INT2 architecture. Built-in wall shelves – an excellent practical solution. You can hide all your things there so that they are not seen yet are always at hand.
#12 The clear geometric lines create a unique style. The sofa is soft and long, it is comfortable to sit or rest on it.
#13 Track lighting looks great on the snow-white ceiling. Every corner of the sofa will be lit. The shelves on the wall are lit, too. Due to this, every accessory on them can be seen.
#14 by NORDES Design Group
#14 by NORDES Design Group.
A unique combination of geometric lines. The style of the room – the minimalist futurism.
#15 by NORDES Design Group
#15 A convenient table made of five movable elements, which can be turned in the right direction or combined into one. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most practical solutions.
#16 by NORDES Design Group
#16 The sofa and the armchair are made in the geometric style, they are asymmetrical. This is the zest of the interior. The windows at an angle allow daylight to stay longer in the room.
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