Karakoy Loft – An Interior Worth The Beauty And Dynamics Of Karakoy

Karakoy is a fantastic environment most often referred to as a microcosm of modern Istanbul. This district is a unique space where chic cafes and galleries meet narrow old streets, where traditional bakeries coexist alongside bohemian boutiques. It is simply the heart of Istanbul’s commerce and Karakoy loft simply has to match this description. Through this wonderful loft, most likely designed for a mature bachelor who has a high taste, you can see how practical, and at the same time impressive a Karakoy loft can be!

#1 by Home Adore.
Situated in the center of the entire hustle and bustle Karakoy is famous for, the loft overviews Galata Tower. This loft is an amazing combination of neutral, comfortable and high-end decor elements and furnishings.
2 You can clearly observe the general style used on the entire space with little partitions. Designers implemented wood and stone in the same area for a more eye-catching and original look. The dark gray flooring slate tiles gently pass to black wall bricks and up to wooden ceiling planks.
3 A large bed looks simple yet comfortable. There is everything in this space a bachelor may need in a bedroom. The opposite wall is entirely covered with open shelves and provides enough room for storing lots of stuff.
One of the key features of loft apartments is the lack of window treatments. Here we have an entire wall of open windows that are enough for letting in much sunlight. Arranged in a row, they emphasize the length of the space.
5 The longitudinal wall is resolved as a storage running from the floor to the ceiling entirely made of iron. The original and intricate air ventilation system serves as a focal point in the entire space that combines the kitchen, the dining and living areas in one.
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