Italian Bathroom Designs: Feel The Exceptionalism

If we were to describe Italian bathroom designs in a couple of words, we would use “incredible” and “exquisite” words. Perhaps in every Italian design, you can see an exceptional combination of modernity, convenience, and luxury. Even the strict and modern bathroom space does not have the coldness and estrangement we can quite often meet in European interiors. Every Italian interior let it be a living room, a bedroom or bathroom, is saturated with warmth, chic, and style. Let us have a look at some amazing examples of how enchanting an Italian bath space can actually look!

Classical Contemporary Master Spa Bathroom

For the classical palette we choose imported Italian porcelain tile, added some carrerra marble, wrapped the room in gorgeous gem quality obsidian high-polished stone and highlighted the space with an orange iridenscent mosaic tile.

#1 by Annette Denham
#1 by Annette Denham (USA).
Would you like to feel like in a professional spa right in your bathroom? Annette Denham succeeded in creating one of the most fabulous elegant Italian bath spaces. The Carrara marbles, obsidian polished stone, and the exquisite chatoyant orange mosaic tiles make the bath interior truly one-of-a-kind.
2 spacious rectangle Jacuzzi surrounded with blue LED lights
#2 Here we can observe a spacious rectangle Jacuzzi surrounded with blue LED lights. Undoubtedly, this bathroom will make you spend all your free time lying in the tub and enjoying your rejuvenation.
#3 This shower set provides ultimate comfortable and enjoyable experiences while taking a shower. The shower panels help your body muscles relax and relieve your entire body from tension. Meanwhile, the exquisite interior around contributes to getting even greater pleasure from the whole procedure.

coco blu•stone™ pedestal basin

New for 2016, this Italian-made cylinder-shaped pedestal sink provides a unique design focal point for a powder room or guest bath.

#4 by Blu Bathworks
#4 by Blu Bathworks (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada).
Italian fashion has always been known not only for its keen elegance but also for unique innovations. This cylinder-shaped pedestal sink is a wonderful example of it. It’s comfy to use and serves as the emphasis of the bath interior.


The Collapse designed in 2013 at Scuola Politecnica di Design collaboration with Italian bathroom company Rapsel. The concept was using time and speed and creating a bathroom concept with sense of move. Using very simple movements on a simple geometric shape and creating a product family. Made of corian and walnut veneer with CMF variations.

#5 by Burak Kocak (Istanbul, Turkey).
#5 by Burak Kocak (Istanbul, Turkey).
Geometrical shapes and clean lines add a unique spice to this modern Italian bathroom. Paired with high-quality walnut veneer floors and tub surface, they create a sense of mobility here.
#6 Placing the same bathroom furniture in a rather lighter bathroom space, you get a feeling of freedom. Large window panels, light tile walls, and floors make the space even more spacious than it is and serve a perfect background for the tub and bath cabinetry to be the focal point here.


project of interior design, a bathroom in a country house in Tuscany

#7 by Jordan Pierguidi
#7 by Jordan Pierguidi (Florence, Italy).
Jordan Pierguidi made tremendous work for turning this mid-size bathroom into a chic and stylish area. Colorful mosaic tiles with orange as the main shade make you feel like the sun is shining right out from your bathroom!
9 The egg-shaped toilet and bide
#9 The egg-shaped toilet and bidet in this bathroom not only accentuate the modern style around but also bring some pretty and lively feel to it. They look perfectly harmonious as with the orange family colored mosaic walls so with the bamboo floors.
#10 Unconditionally this bathroom does not need any Jacuzzi or flamboyant tub with LED lights. The simple shower enclosure is perfect for the entire congruous look.
#10 Unconditionally this bathroom does not need any Jacuzzi or flamboyant tub with LED lights. The simple shower enclosure is perfect for the entire congruous look.
#11 by Nick Sobol (Almaty, Kazakhstan).
#11 by Nick Sobol (Almaty, Kazakhstan).
With its timeless actual color combination black and white, and strict furniture, this bathroom looks modern and thought-out to the last detail.
#12 The red accents in this simple strictly styled bathroom interior accentuate the contemporary feel and bring some character. The dark red tiles look fantastic on the white background.

Relismento Spezio

Italian bathroom with amalgam of Art Nova.

#13 by Ali Maqsood & Haris Ikhtiar (Lahore, Pakistan).
#13 by Ali Maqsood & Haris Ikhtiar (Lahore, Pakistan).
One cannot say for sure who will like this bathroom interior most of all – a woman, a man or a couple together? Perhaps it will appeal to all of them equally! The Art Nova decorations expressed with the intricate wall mirrors and the original patterned fish painting make the space incredibly attractive!
#14 Casual yet unique, practical yet with little storage space, contemporary yet with some Arabic motives … This is a truly an exceptional bath interior by talented designers Ali Maqsood & Haris Ikhtiar.
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