Inspirational Living Rooms Made For Leisure

A living room must be not only stylish but also comfortable to spend your leisure time in with great pleasure. Every element must be chosen with a great attention for creating a thorough concept made to please the eye. Everything starting with the seating set and ending with the wall closets must coincide in style and color theme. A cozy living room is best to feature a modern soft sectional sofa, a wide LCD TV, a bookcase, warm rugs, and natural lighting through large windows covered with sheer curtains.

#1 by Ilija Todorovic Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With honey colored engineered laminate flooring and light furniture, this living room is truly an artfully designed one. It attracts with its sophisticated simplicity.
#2 High windows that are not covered with heavy thick drapes are made to bring natural lightness to the room. Look how amazing this living room looks with the large and high windows.
#3 To picture this grandiose living room designed for enjoying every resting moment, designers used two most popular ways of rendering complex lighting – Mental Ray and Vray. That’s why the 3D photos look so realistic.
#4 Adding some cushions with alternative colorings and patterns to a contemporary living room, you will have a unique home interior with its individual character.
#5 Adding an extra sitting place such as a reclining armchair or a puffy, you will bring a unique touch to the area around. The fresh breath of this living room is provided with a simple vase of bright flowers.
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