How to choose right small closet designs?

Create your own unique small closet designs, working with various styles, materials and colors. You should know that all small closet designs ideas should be fixed at enlarging your existing place for storage things and making it as much functional as it can be.


Do not be limited only with a rod for hanging there your clothes. The more shelving, boxes and storages you will use in your small closet storage design – the more stuff you will be able to keep there. It may seem to you impossible, but a “right” resigned closet system, even taking a very small space, may store almost all of your shoes, clothes and apparel. Try to place the shelving from your floor to your ceiling. Use all free space, add more storages for your shoes- winter and summer.


If the depth of your closet lets it, install two or three rods on different levels and use them for different clothing. use the higher rod for dresses, and the lower rod for your skirts and jeans. Customizing your closet, think it over which of the small bedroom closet designs will match your home interior. If your home interior is designed in green, you may choose green shades for your new closet. If pink colors predominate, choose a red or white design for your closet. Classic design of your home lets you choosing wood laminated closet constructions, and modern design allows wire storage systems.



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