Fireplace Flue: Make Your Heating Safe

According to the NFPA, a fireplace flue is a key part in a fireplace to make it work not only effectively but also safely for people around. Particularly these flues stand for carrying the combustion gases produced while gas burning, out of the living environment. Moreover, once the harmful gases are no longer within the house, you must make sure to replace them with fresh air. There were real drafts in old houses that provided the ventilation. Modern houses are well-insulated, hence there can be no natural air flow within the house. Nowadays balanced flues have built-in air intakes that guarantee the safe ventilation of your house.


Source:OJB Services Flickr
Source:Stovax Stockton 5 Flickr

Today a flue for a fireplace comes in two types. Yet, there are four main types of flues in general. These are:

  • Balanced Flues
  • Power Direct Flues
  • Unlined Flues (for Chimneys)
  • Lined Flues (for Chimneys)


Source:The Fireplace Superstore Flickr
Source:The Fireplace Superstore Flickr

The first comes the balanced flue type. This one comes already installed in a fire and has an exit through the behind wall. Particularly through this exit it lets the combustion gases out of the house while in taking the fresh air. Usually fireplaces of this type feature front glasses in order to exclude any possibility of a contact between the fire inside the fireplace and the air around.


Fireplace Flue Accessories. Source:FireplaceVillage Flickr
Fireplace Flue Accessories. Source:FireplaceVillage Flickr

The next type of a fireplace flue is the power direct flue. Requiring a fan to pull the combustion gases first through the flue itself and eventually out of the house, flues of this type are extendable. This is greatly advantageous as you will not be obliged to place the fireplace near an external wall. Yet, in this case there must be an electric supply as the fan works on electricity.


Source:Stovax Stockton 5 Flickr
Source:Stovax Stockton 5 Flickr


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