The Importance Of Choosing The Right Furniture For A Living Room: Gorgeous Examples

A living room – a “calling card” of a house. Guests appear in a living space as soon as they cross the threshold of a house. All holidays, family dinners and just cozy evenings with friends pass particularly there. A living room reflects the character of the house owner, transmits their mood and hospitality. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right furniture for a contemporary living room.

KT Interior visualization

Interior visualizations made for presentation. A little fun with V-Ray and its Brute Force GI engine.

1 Szymon Migaj (London, United Kingdom).
#1 by Szymon Migaj (London, United Kingdom).
The room is implemented in a black and white contrast, the overall style – contemporary. The carpet stylized under grass and the wood stacks in the corner add natural motives to the room. They are harmoniously combined with the muted gray sofa. The wall of books takes up little room while adding uniqueness to the room.
2. Viewing the room from this perspective, you can see the kitchen fulfilled in dark colors, the material chosen - wood. The black wall and white curtain create an incredible play of lights. The chairs are high with some deepening made of leather material. It is comfortable to relax and rest on such chairs.
2. Viewing the room from this perspective, you can see the kitchen fulfilled in dark colors, the material chosen – wood. The black wall and white curtain create an incredible play of lights. The chairs are high with some deepening made of leather material. It is comfortable to relax and rest on such chairs.

IKEA apartment

3 aTng 糖
#3 by aTng 糖 (Chengdu, China).
The room is implemented in pastel colors and natural style. You can feel the spirit of natural freedom and balance here. It is serene and comfortable in the room thanks to the warm color palette. Wicker chairs and the painted triple dresser decorate the interior of the room.
4. The furniture and utensils elements are picked up in one color range. Various shades of brown create a feel of country style. The convertible sofa and the snow-white table – contemporary living room furniture hits!

FEBAL Living

Collaborazione alla progettazione delle ambientazioni per i set fotografici e alla realizzazione delle composizioni all’interno dello Studio Ferriani per il catalogo fotografico FEBAL living

5 Cristian Gentile (Florence, Italy)
#5 by Cristian Gentile (Florence, Italy).
The living room is implemented in a harmonious combination of contemporary “navy” style. The walls and the ceiling are white, and the columns add space. The sofas are arranged symmetrically – the white and aqua color sofa in the center.
6. The interior designer diluted the blue-white range of
6. The interior designer diluted the blue-white range of colors with bright yellow, adding some brightness, warmth, and contrast. The yellow color associates with the sun or a sandy beach. The chair-longers allow to relax and take a snap, the furniture is made of light and soft, and a bit airy material.
7. The big bookcase with plenty of books and the comfortable chair-longer “call” a guest to relax and read a book. Everything in this interior is thoroughly planned, every detail helps to complete the image.
8. Having a closer look at the bookcase...
8. Having a closer look at the bookcase, you can see that the books are chosen in light colors. The bookcase itself is built technically correct, it does not take much space while allowing to arrange the things so that they do not occupy the space in the room, either.
9. A little further you can see a sloping window over the whole wall with a table and a dresser placed in front of it. The furniture with closed cabinets allows to store items and the three open shelves can be decorated with accessories.


Interior design project for a young couple

#10 by INT2 architecture
#10 by INT2 architecture.
The huge electronic clock immediately attracts attention. The furniture and the walls of the room are implemented in close shades of the same color. The entire space and accessories are stylized in natural material.
11. Attention is focused on the picture of the repeating patterns of the shades of red and on the bright-yellow chair. The sofa and the cushions are made “under the flax”, and the exit from the room is stylized under bamboo.

That ’60s Show

#12 by Jan Wadim.
#12 by Jan Wadim (Lodz, Poland).
A striking mix of “high-tech” style and knitted accessories. The futuristic armchair and chandelier add mystery and uniqueness. The volumetric paintings with the compositions of plants dilute the strict design.
#13 by Cristian Gentile.
#13 by Cristian Gentile.
13. Restrained colors, a strict style in white-brown classic tones, the leather sofa create an image of a classic living room of a business man.
14. The flowers behind the glass catch the eye. The low table in front of a cream sofa is perceived rather as an accessory, an addition to the overall style of the room. Most of the shelves are open and you can conveniently arrange your things and books that will decorate the interior of the room.


#15 by Jordan Pierguidi.
#15 by Jordan Pierguidi.
Asymmetrically divided wall, a large window on one side and a wooden wall decoration on the other. A sofa with geometric forms with high armrests – it is very comfortable to rest after a working day on such a sofa. The armchair is soft, a bit “blown”, with a smallish soft pouf in front thanks to which you can comfortably take a snap, legs outstretched.
#16 by Mark Hunter.
#16 by Mark Hunter(Sydney, Australia).
There is nothing superfluous in this room, dominated by minimalism and space. Two walls are thoroughly covered by windows, the two others are made in one-color light beige. The furniture is upholstered with natural fabrics.

Apartment in Brussels

#17 by Nicolas JOUSLIN.
#17 by Nicolas JOUSLIN (Paris, France).
There is a smooth transition from dark brown walls to the light floor in this room. The sofa is made of a fabric that is lighter than the walls, floor, and curtains, the sofa stands out in their background and creates a contrast.

Corona render test

18 You can see the bookcase on the entire wall from this side. Each shelf is illuminated with warm yellow light. All the details in this room are made as clear as possible with a share of perfectionism. The low tables in the center of the living room are made in a shape of a rounded triangle. They add some geometric elements without creating sharp corners.
19. On close examination of the details, you can see the artificial glass fireplace – the highlight of the living room. The large soft armchair with a pillow is what you need in a living room. The armchair on high wooden legs – a unique designer solution. In the combination of high armrests, the armchair becomes as comfortable as possible.
20. The floor lamp in white color on the black chest together attract attention adding some “strictness” and conciseness to the warm shades of the room.
21. The table, chairs, and carpet are made in one color scheme. The carpet separates them from the rest of the room. The material used for making the table – stone, it creates a feeling of heaviness. The chairs, on the contrary, seem to be light. Everything in the interior of the living room is built on the contrast of black and white, heavy and light.

The Freshmaker

#22 by Jan Wadim.
#22 by Jan Wadim.
The bright carpet and colorful cushions catch the eye. The fluffy rug and cushions in rainbow colors seem to have accidentally fallen into this room, the interior of which can be acquired as strict. There is a convertible sofa here – a modern and convenient solution for furniture for living spaces. This sofa can be dissembled into many separate puffs or made one large bed out of it.
#23 by INT2 architecture.
A bold decision to combine several shades of blue color. There is a fireplace in the center of the room. Its flames soften the cool tones of the room, make it cozier.

Flat in Lyon

24 Nicoletti Matthieu
#24 by Nicoletti Matthieu.
They say blue repels! However, if it is paired with warm colors, like in this living room, and add some creative accessories, you will have a unique interior. The woman from the black-and-white picture draws the eye and soothes the contrasting combination of orange furniture and glossy blue floor.
25 The painting in the style of Impressionism attracts the eye when you look at the living room. The furniture in black color stands out against the white walls, and the white pouf located under the picture that creates a vivid contrast.

Almaty 4

26 Nika Vorotyntseva
#26 by Nika Vorotyntseva.
A spacious room with elements of futurism. The right wall seems huge, the sofa and the whole furniture near it. The wall opposite creates the feel of air and space. There is no furniture or accessory near it. The color – dazzling white.
27 Cristian Gentile
27 Cristian Gentile.
The interior of this living room combines white, blue and classic dark brown colors. The unusual combination creates a luxury interior.

WOW[er] Mansion

28 Jan Wadim
28 Jan Wadim.
A bright blue band that runs around the perimeter divides the room. There are lights in a romantic style in the center of it, and a sofa in a modern style made of a natural material in light muted shades is in the front part of the room.
29 Nicolas JOUSLIN
29 Nicolas JOUSLIN.
The room is implemented in pastel light peach color. Each element in this room speaks about the natural energy of freedom. The accent falls on the big picture with bright yellow painted printed labels. Perhaps, the author speaks about the struggle against the system and protest with the help of this picture. There is also a convertible sofa here with large broad rectangular elements and a high small table in a round shape in front of it. You can place rectangular ottomans around it and sit with friends. The armrests of the sofa can serve as additional pieces of furniture.
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