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When looking through the improbable ideas of colorful lofts, the first concept that comes to mind is “freedom”! The open floor space with no walls separating a living room from a bedroom or kitchen looks somehow liberating, whilst the juicy colors express your essence, show your character and inspire you for more in this life! Anyway, for making your colored loft rather enviable than simply appealing, there are certain rules to follow. The most important one implies playing with colors tastefully.

Vintage Loft by Berliner Dependance

#1 Home Adore.
#1 by Home Adore.
The duck egg blue walls, the white ceiling and light carpet on the floor serve as a wonderful “canvas” for creating a fantastic colorful ambiance in this loft by Home Adore.
#2 by Emotion School
#2 by Emotion School.
2. The Emotion School opted for standard neutral colored interior for this grandiose loft. Yet, the central gray color here has a deep shade, which makes the interior look alive.

East Meets West in this dramatic, light-filled penthouse at the KOR Group’s landmark Eastern Columbia building.

#3 by Jim Hughes
#3 by Jim Hughes.
3. Jim Hughes made a fabulous work when creating the interior of the colorful loft in Eastern Columbia building. The strict traditional style walks side by side with Eastern feel here. Together they bring forward an enchanting dynamic interior.
#4 4. Do you love the traditional style in the interior yet want your loft to be a bright one meanwhile? See how tastefully Jim Hughes integrated warm shades of red and orange in this brown loft interior.

Loft in Chişinău Situated on the topmost level of a new apartment building, with a view unto one of Chişinău’s lakes.

#5 by Victor Grosu
#5 by Victor Grosu.
5. Who said that Scandinavian style can’t look warm and bright? Victor Grosu, for instance, has a totally different insight on this style. Taking an advantage of the fact this loft overlooks one of Chişinău’s lakes, this talented interior designer used diverse shades of blue from the lightest to the darkest and hung a most fanciful dazzling picture on the wall. Particularly the latter makes the loft as attractive as it is.
6 Victor-Grosu
#6 6. You can see every detail is well-thought here. Modern rich colored paintings, warm colored floors, a plate with appetizing yellow lemons…

The quick mood approach

#7 by Bartosz Domiczek
#7 by Bartosz Domiczek.
7. Luxury and imposing, antique and contemporary, vibrant and serene … A truly amazing colorful loft by Bartosz Domiczek worth admiration. The entire free space makes you feel as if you are present in two different areas at the same time!
#8 8. The antique furniture set (implemented in turquoise and soft chartreuse colors) placed on chestnut hardwood floors is artfully opposed to the entirely white surroundings. This feels as if you have a bright oasis inside the castle of the Snow Queen.

Project of loft for young marriage,who value convinance and modern style.

#9 9. Modern, simple yet highly convenient and warm looking. This colorful loft is an ideal project for a young couple who want to achieve the concept of serene brightness in their home interior.

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