Classic Style Living Rooms Imply Impeccable Harmony

Timeless beautiful and actual classic style living rooms amaze with their organized and balanced look. Derived from Roman and Greek designs, the classic interior design has the desire to reach a perfect harmony via its basis. Here you won’t notice any modern decor element or that from the current influences. Classic interior is rather steeped in tradition, yet in an elegant way peculiar only to classic design.

As a rule, a living room in classic style features one or a couple of large focal points which serve as the basis to design all other items in accordance with its style. Everything else must enhance the look of particularly the focal point. Via the latter, interior designers choose grand tables, huge fireplaces, impressive chandeliers, large windows or even impressive staircases. The whole idea of a classic interior is to create an ideal symmetry. Everything in such a living room including the lighting, the pictures, the floors, furniture should be fitted simply immaculately!

Classic style living rooms are implemented in colors inspired from nature. These can be different shades of brown, deep blues, green, yellow, as well as various earth tones with terracotta in particular. Nevertheless, black is also frequently used yet only to outline the most important items in the living room. What refers the material choice, classic interior style implies the usage of cotton, linen, and other durable fabrics. To add more attractiveness, interior designers use big vases, Roman style columns or Greek ornaments.

A Tiny Comfy Living Room In Classic Style

West Perry Street (Full renovation of an 1854 four-story row house in the center of historic, downtown Savannah.)

#1 by Joel Snayd (Savannah, GA, USA)
#1 by Joel Snayd (Savannah, GA, USA)
A mere glance at this living room in a fully renovated 1854 four-story house is enough to guess it was implemented in a perfect classic style.
#2 The designer used a bright yellow sofa and created all other decorations to enhance it. Everything here screams for immaculate elegance!
#3 Classic interiors are executed in durable fabrics such as cotton and linen. Yet, velvet is greatly used in abundance as upholstery fabric for classic seating furniture.

Darkness That Impresses

#4 by QUARK Studio (Milan, Italy)
#4 by QUARK Studio (Milan, Italy)
This impressive classic room fulfilled in dark earth tones. The sheer curtains covering the large windows let enough sunlight pass into this classic living room to create a fantastic contrast with the darkness inside.
#5 A classic living room is not for everyone. Only the exclusive homeowners can appreciate the whole glamour hidden behind the strictly organized interior items.

Light And Inviting Classic Style Villa Harteneck Catalog Shooting

#6 by Annabell Kutucu (Berlin, Germany)
#6 by Annabell Kutucu (Berlin, Germany)
Using immense windows, the amazing interior designer Annabell Kutucu succeeded in creating a fabulous inviting atmosphere here.
#7 The signature of the designer is felt in this amazing classic living room, too.

Neoclassic Apartment in Moscow For Exclusive Clients

#8 by Alexandra Sakmarova
#8 by Alexandra Sakmarova
Classic interior implies the usage of conservative patterns. In this living space, the designer perfectly matched the patterns of the ceiling with those of floors and the carpet.
#9 Here we can get assured that even pictures on the walls of a classic living room must be hanged in an organized way. Such rooms have no unplanned decor items.
#10 Neoclassic style catches the eye with the harmonious look of classic style and the chic feel of antique Italy architecture and design.

Warm Living Space in Savannah

 #11 by Joel Snayd (Savannah, GA, USA)
#11 by Joel Snayd (Savannah, GA, USA)
Classic style options for floors and surfaces do not stray far from those used in Ancient Rome or Greece. Marble, wood, stones, and slates are greatly appreciated.
#12 Here we can observe a wonderful warm look of earth-color wooden floors. Along with the stone fireplace, the floors and everything else is inspired from Nature.
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