Bedroom Rendering (Visualization) by Marco Podrini: Accurate and Thoughtout Work

Marco Podrini is the CEO of Studio Podrini – a design and visualization studio situated in an Italian city Pesaro. For the recent several years, this outstanding designer has managed to build a prominent name and remarkable success in the field of architecture and design. The mere bedroom rendering (visualization) by Marco Podrini demonstrates how artful he is in his specialization. Each and every project by the Podrini Studio is made with quality and unique signature in mind. Customers are simply blown away by the results Marco delivers. Let us enjoy some of his bedroom designs, too.

1 A simple yet beautiful bedroom
#1 A simple yet beautiful bedroom with a lovely bright green lamp placed on a white wooden bedside table. Along with the black ceramic decor items, the lamp brings some character and mood to the monochrome bedroom.
2 With a couple of decor attributes, even if they are as simple as in this bedroom by Marco Podrini (a book and a brochure), you can have an “alive” bedroom.
3 The cotton bedclothes
3 The cotton bedclothes here are chosen maximum simple in neutral beige and white colors. The key here is the comfortability and the total style of the bedroom.
4 . This bedhead upholstered in a coffee brown
4 . This bedhead upholstered in a coffee brown suede fabric can never be called luxury, yet what we can’t argue with is the keen style and firm elegance it features. The white bed linen looks even purer on its background.
5 To make the room look lived in, the designer used such a popular interior decor element as books. Placed on top of the simple wooden white chest, the decor elements here make you feel more comfortable.
7 The diversity and uniqueness of lamps are what makes designs by Marco Podrini so lovely. He uses the simplest and at the same time bravest ideas once the matter concerns table lamps. Look how amazing this bulb-lamp look!
9 9 The mushroom-shape table lamp in cream color
9 The mushroom-shape table lamp in cream color is perfectly matched with the soft carpet laid in front of the bedside table. With the light sheer curtains and bedclothes, the entire scene looks peaceful and calming.
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