Beautiful Loft Design – the Key to the Uniqueness of the Interior

An interior design should emphasize the individuality of the owner and be functional. Recently, beautiful loft design of apartments has gained a unique popularity. Loft design – a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere of rooms. The motto of loft designs goes something like this: “The fresh air should be everywhere, and partition walls should be a minimum”. As a rule, apartments of those people are designed in loft style, who are creative, as with such a design it is very convenient to turn an area into a studio. People of freedom love the style, too. This style will perfectly suit those who want to stand out and economize.

10. A maximum functional design. A convertible sofa combined with a table-transformer can change the room interior on the mood and desire of the owners. If guests are expected, the sofa can be turned into a lot of soft comfortable seating places in a couple of minutes.
#1 by Dimo-Dimitrov.
There are no partitions, but zoning of the premises. There is a small sleek sofa here for relaxing and behind it, there is a dining table. The large windows increase the space.
2. Three lamps are directed precisely onto the table, which makes it possible to dine without disturbing those who are on the coach.
3. The round small table in front of the sofa is very convenient, the high edges let you keep glasses and other things from a sudden fall. The white walls and floor visually increase the space.
4. Another separate zone. The chairs are made with techno elements. There are no unnecessary elements in sight. All the necessary things can be hidden in the large drawers.
#5 by Emotion-School.
A loft of a creative personality. The blotches of the brick wall and scuffs are made very successfully. An atmosphere of mystery, adventure is created. You can see plenty of ancient details and techno elements here.
#6 by Gustavo-Coutinho.
A concise, functional design of a bedroom. There is nothing excessive here and the furniture takes the minimum space due to the ergonomic construction.
7. Zoning is the distinctive feature of a loft design. The bed in dark tones and the light chair, which is separated by a curtain allows you to feel as if in different rooms. The chair is made along the contour of the back, so it’s impossible to get tired from long sitting.
8. The bed is large and soft. There are no solid partitions, you can see big soft elements between the bed and the wall that can be used as additional space on the bed, a pouf or as partitions.
9. A unique picture will adorn any interior. Under the lamp light, the elements on the picture seem white, while with lights off they form a mosaic of dark shades.
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