Art Deco Living Rooms Fascinate And Astonish At The Same Time

Extraordinarily beautiful Art Deco living rooms magnetize you with their bold outlines, zigzag and other geometric forms that together form a fascinating feel anywhere used. As a rule, plastic is greatly used for creating those picturesque designs and forms. Art Deco style was especially popular from the 1920s to 1930s. Since then, the style fluently slid into interior design soon acquiring a chic look! At first, motives depicting nature were greatly applied, yet they were later replaced with curves and angles.

The most prominent colors of living rooms in Art Deco style are chrome, glossy black, red, yellow and silver. Anyway, different shades of oysters, off whites, cream, green and beige are also frequently met in such living spaces. Moreover, today interior designers also use animal skins (whether natural or artificial) and prints for an extra artistic look! Quite popular are zebra-skin and shark-skin decor elements. Meanwhile, exotic woods and high-gloss finishes bring unique decorative accents to these living rooms.

However, today Art Deco living rooms are also furnished with inlaid wood, stainless steel, lacquer items. Combining them with horn, molded glass, and ivory, as well as the traditional Art Deco material plastic, interior designers acquire simply fabulous chic home interiors! Let’s dig into this fantastic world and get impressed!

Seaford Court – Corona Timelapse Animation & Stills

#1 by Recent Spaces
#1 by Recent Spaces (London, United Kingdom) A wonderful example of a whimsical living room in London, UK. A fabulous huge messy picture captures gaze and accentuates the straight geometric lines of the furnishing.
#2 An odd and bizarre picture brings an extraordinary yet magnetizing shade to space around.
#3 You can watch the fluorescent lamps lay a wonderful purple-colored light in the evenings. Ivory furnishing becomes even more vivid here.
#4 Placing an impressive golden metal table lamp on the living room chest, the interior designer created a unique connection between the artistic decor and dark lines of the room.


$5 by Jan Wadim Lodz, Poland
$5 by Jan Wadim (Lodz, Poland) Another gorgeous living room in Art Deco style by Jan Wadim. With an extra high ceiling and a little feel of industrial style, the room acquires a soothing appeal.
#6 Rectangular hanging lamps matched with analogical white ottomans create a stunning ensemble here.

Loft in Osaka

#7 by Nicolas JOUSLIN (Paris, France)
#7 by Nicolas JOUSLIN (Paris, France) This picturesque loft in Osaka designed by Nicolas Jouslin is a serene model of Art Deco living rooms. Accomplished in neutral colors – beige, cream and light gray, the room looks inviting.
#8 Art Deco style is famous for its bold colors. Here two stylish armchairs in bright yellow coloring serve as a mood-setter.

Apartment in St.Peterburg with Art Deco details

#9 by Alexandra Sakmarova
#9 by Alexandra Sakmarova  Alexandra Sakmarova created a luxury Art Deco living room in elegant yet brave color combinations. The velvet blue armchair with nailhead trimmed design serves as a focal point in this marvelous living space.
#10 Using an oval polished coffee table and an opposing chandelier right above the table, Alexandra Sakmarova inhaled the delicate Art Deco feel to the living room.

The Art Of Living

#11 by Velizar Dimitrov (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)
#11 by Velizar Dimitrov (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) A real messy Art Deco living room by Velixar Dimitrov for those who appreciate comfort and freedom in their own homes.

Bohemian sofa

#13 by Eduard Caliman (Leeds, United Kingdom)
#13 by Eduard Caliman (Leeds, United Kingdom) If you seek for creating a real authentic Art Deco glamour and glitz, you simply can’t go without a creative Art Deco interior designer. Eduard Caliman implemented that look in this living room in Leeds, UK.
#14 The lime green Bohemian sofa and a whimsical picture of human tribes make this space simply amazing!

Private Apartment Berlin

#15 by Annabell Kutucu (Berlin, Germany)
#15 by Annabell Kutucu (Berlin, Germany) Annabell Kutucu designed a remarkable Art Deco living room combining the style characteristics and natural German character.

Modus fireplaces

#16 by Eduard Caliman
#16 by Eduard Caliman Modus fireplaces are designed not only to bring pleasant warmth but also to serve as wonderful accents for Art Deco living rooms. Eduard Caliman made the fireplace the accent of this amazingly inviting interior.


#17 by QUARK Studio (Milan, Italy)
#17 by QUARK Studio (Milan, Italy) Art Deco style implies using inlaid wood as decor material. The living room by QUARK Studio in Milan is a bright example of how wonderful wood looks with interior design elements in Art Deco style.
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