Five Strikingly Inspirational Loft Interiors

When one moves to a loft, he wants to live utmost free at least in his home. Therefore, when the time comes to coloring and furnishing an inspirational loft interior, it is important to stay true to the integrity of the loft! This does not mean you have to restrict your fantasies, yet, in all cases, following certain unwritten rules is obligatory. The first rule for getting an inspirational loft interior is playing with colors artfully. Other rules include choosing quality wood flooring, implying off center stage lighting, opting for unique window treatments (or none at all), and finally, creating a convenient workspace.

#1 by Andrei Mikhalenko.
#1 by Andrei Mikhalenko (Minsk, Belarus).
Could you ever imagine a loft in the center of a dynamic city yet looking as if from the past era? Andrei Mikhalenko created a fantastic inspirational loft that serves as a workspace at the same time.
1-2 The reclining uniquely-designed reclining armchair in this interior serves as a focal point and complements the entire look around, meanwhile. Featuring a sturdy steel frame the chair is upholstered in dark taupe leather.
1-3 With an enchanting industrial look, this inspirational loft attracts the eye with its organized interior and unique lighting.

Remake of “CORONA LOFT”

#2 by Jordan-Pierguidi
#2 by Jordan-Pierguidi (Florence, Italy).
Multi-lever surfaces – the key for creating fabulous lofts! Jordan Pierguidi created a truly amazing interior in blue shades. The industrial style sofa here is made even comfier with multiple contrasting color pillows.
2-2 The accent in this exceptional inspiring sofa is the garnet red modern armchair with a little footstool in front. The latter can also serve as a surface to place a couple of journals, books or a cup of coffee.

Loft interior

#3 by Nicolas JOUSLIN
#3 by Nicolas JOUSLIN (Paris, France).
Mere purity and serenity … This is the key to creating the gorgeous loft interior by Nicolas Jouslin. The brightest point in this loft is the painting on the wall picturing a lake with a reflection of trees on it.
#4 by Nicoletti Matthieu
#4 by Nicoletti Matthieu (Lyon, France).
Are you fond of the busy city you are living in? Then you are sure to fall in love with this magnificent urban loft. Perhaps the greatest highlight of the interior is the look from the window over the city.
4-2 Looking inside this marvelous inspirational loft by Nicoletti Matthieu you see and feel great comfort! The soft and comfortable sofa, the practical wall closet, and the entire open space make this loft truly one-of-a-kind.
4-3 Here we can see how the designer managed to add all the furnishing necessary for living with great convenience and style. The openness of this interior is simply striking.
4-4 The modern interior of the space is accentuated with some modern big posters and paintings hung all over the entire loft.

Brooklyn Loft

#5 by Sergey Muskhazhiev
#5 by Sergey Muskhazhiev (Barcelona, Spain).
From the first sight, you may get a feeling this space is a little bit messy. Yet, once you go deeper into the design of the loft you realize the things are placed deliberately not in their places to make a visitor feel at home.
5-2 This compact inspirational loft by Sergey Muskhazhiev is actually a small space that combines all the necessary separate living zones.
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